Smakebit – Leah on the offbeat

Denne boka er oppfølgeren til Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda, en bok jeg leste for flere år siden og syns var kjempesøt. Så når denne kom, måtte jeg jo bare lese den også for å se om den var like herlig. Derfor kommer dagens smakebit på søndag fra boken Leah on the offbeat av Becky Albertalli.

This kid. This blue-eyed boy who calls me by my last name and never shuts up. My prom date. That actually happened. I just asked a boy out. Or he asked me. I guess we asked each other.

Anyway, it’s done, and I did it, and I guess I’m going to prom. With a date. I’m an actual high school cliché. A part om me feels like I should announce this. In fact, people do announce this shit on the creeksecrets Tumblr. There’s even a list of prom couples, kept up to date in the notes section. I guess it’s to save people from those excruciating Harry-asking-Cho-to-the-Yule-Ball situations. Though, let’s be real: if Katie Leung sweety rejecting Daniel Radcliffe in a scottish accent wasn’t your sexual awakening, I don’t even want to know you.

I just wish I knew how to feel about Garrett. This shouldn’t be so complicated. It has to be easier for people with penises. Does this person get you hard? Yes? Done. I used to think boners literally pointed in the direction of the person you’re attracted to, like a compass. That would be helpful. Mortifying as fuck, but at least it would clarify things.

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